Chesapeake Plywood LLC. Has been in business for 16 years. We sell quality board products, plywood, hardwood plywood, melamine, veneers and specialty products to cabinet manufacturers, custom millworkers, furniture manufacturers and other industrial customers that manufacture products made from hardwood. Demand for products made from hardwood comes from multiple sectors of the North American industries, including new home construction, renovation, non-residential construction.

There is elegance and warmth to the look and touch of hardwoods that no other material can match, and people place a high value on products crafted from wood. Hardwood products are a part of our daily lives in the homes we live in (cabinets, moldings, custom finishing, and home furniture) every where we go we are surrounded by wood products from a Library to a Hotel we can appreciate the sheer elegance that wood products enhance our way of living.

Our main focus in the industry is to provide a link between mills that manufacture large volumes of hardwood lumber and sheet goods, and industrial customers that require smaller quantities of many different hardwood products for their own manufacturing processes. We provide a means for hundreds of hardwood mills to get their product to thousands of small-to-mid-sized industrial manufacturers. We add value to our suppliers by buying their product in large volume and paying them promptly, effectively acting as their third-party sales force. We add value for our customers by providing them with the materials they need on a just-in-time basis, in smaller quantities and offering a wider range of product selection than the customer would be able to purchase directly from an individual mill. We also provide an important source of financing for our customers by allowing them to buy material from us on approved credit.

We are one of the largest distributors of hardwood plywood in Eastern North America. While there are a number of hardwood distributors that operate from multiple locations, most are small, privately held companies serving discrete local markets.

We operate one of the biggest in stock center, providing geographic coverage in 26 states across the eastern and central US. To maximize inventory management, our distribution center holds the bulk of our inventory. We lease our facility, utilize in-house and third-party freight providers for all our product shipping needs, and focus strictly on wholesale distribution.

We can accommodate every Designers wish; call us for any species of wood, MDF or Particle Board

Here at Chesapeake Plywood we try to accommodate any request. We are a wholesale distribution company and have a minimum order for pickup and delivery. If these minimums are not met, a service charge can be added to accommodate. We have a $250.00 minimum for will calls and a $ 500.00 minimum for free delivery in MD, Northern VA, South Eastern PA east to Philadelphia.  We also make weekly deliveries to Southern VA/NC/SC/NJ/NYC/DE Louisville, KY and the Indiana area. We, however, can make arrangements to deliver almost anywhere. We will be glad to refer any of our customers to one of our retail suppliers.  For free deliveries please give us a call at 410 244-0055 to find out what the minimum order would be, to deliver in your area.